Sunday, May 9, 2010


To all the other mothers I know, Happy Mother's Day!

To my daughter's Marlo and Lindsay, you gave me the title of 'Mother'. You have provided me with many days of smiles, many days of laughter, and continue to give me many days of pride. I now wish the same for both of you as mothers yourselves. Yes, there are days of frustration, days of angst, some days with tears and other days of all out craziness, BUT, it is SO worth it! I hope I've given some honour to my title as 'Mom'.

I reflect on this day and am somewhat saddened that my mother is no longer with me. We had some pretty rough periods, but also had some really wonderful times, as well. She was beautiful, conscientious, adventurous, and really loved life and family.
I miss her smile, her laugh, her talent and her wonderment! I wish I could have her back for just one day to tell her once again, 'Mom, I love you' and you did your absolute best. My Mom spent a very large part of her life in a wheelchair crippled from osteoarthritis. I'm not sure, given the same circumstances I would have done as well.

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Meg Mitchell said...

What a beautiful post. You are a very special Mother yourself Margaret. Have a very happy day in honor of you.