Saturday, May 22, 2010


Well, it's been very busy since our friend Shirley arrived from England a little over a week ago. First, was the bridal shower for my niece. Each day we've visited a different town in the area and enjoyed trying some new restaurants for lunch. One of Shirl's requests each time she comes is to eat, at least once, at a Canadian chain called Swiss Chalet. They do rotisserie chickens, which are consistently wonderful, super excellent fries and salad.......we did that! My daughter's also love to go there when they come home.

We've been to Warkworth, Campbellford, Hastings and Bobcaygeon so far! We've had lunch at our local Village Tea Room, The Magic Rolling Pin Tea Room. Quite frankly, we've been and done so much, I'm forgetting where all we've been. We've also had a few ice cream cones from our local Kawartha Dairy. They have numerous varieties of ice cream so we try a different flavour each time we go....Yummy!

Today, we went to the Hiawatha First Nations Pow-Wow....such colourful and elaborate costumes and dancing! It's so incredible the amount of work that goes into just one beautiful! I enjoyed the little kids in their costumes and their dancing..! Cute!

Tomorrow, we're going to the Gallery on the Lake(Buckhorn) Art Gallery, then to the Buckhorn Fine Art show and on to my sister-in-law's place for a 'girls' dinner...six women to sit and talk and sip a few drinks.....and eat, of course.

Monday, we will go on the Liftlock Boat Cruise. We didn't realize that Shirley has never gone on this cruise. It's kind of cool when the boat does the transfer lift and you're 150 ft. in the air, in water and sitting in a boat. The view up top is absolutely spectacular!

Through all of the touring, I've still managed to do my 2 hour workouts at the club every second day and walk on the alternate days. It's SO frustrating that in almost six months, I've only lost two pounds and 1% body fat!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHH!

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