Saturday, May 30, 2009

LILACS!!! One of my favourites!

This is one of my favourite times of the year. When we purchased this property there were a few lilac bushes, but then we planted another 32 lilac bushes all along the south side of our property. It will be a few years yet before they are big enough to have tons of blooms, but they are still pretty anyway.
Where we live, however, there are lots and lots of them growing along the roadside and if you drive with the windows down the aroma is just so wonderful ( except for those that are allergic ... I feel sorry for you guys )
We finally had a fairly nice day today with sun for some of the day. We've just had three straight days of rain, rain and more rain. Although I spent most of they day inside cooking, baking and printing many of my photos, I did take a coffee break mid afternoon and sat outside just taking in our gardens and the awesome smell in the air from all the lilacs around. LOVE IT!!!
I spoke to the woman at the Tea Room and we will get together Tuesday to pick out which photos she's like framed and hung in the Tea Room. I'll also be putting out a collection of matted 4 X 6, 5 X 7 and a few 8 X 10's backed and in cellophane envelopes for sale. She is being extremely fair of the consignment split and I, for one, really, really hope she's majorly successful. She's worked so hard at it! When I talked to her today, she was baking and cooking for friends and family to sample and critique what they liked or didn't like....brave girl!

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Priscilla Mae et al said...

I love lilacs too. They have always been a favorite flower. Planted a tree near my bedroom window so I could smell them when I woke each morning. It hasn't reached the second floor as yet.