Friday, July 31, 2009


It' been a very busy week. On Monday, I met with the couple who asked me to do their wedding photography. They are getting married at a golf course and then having their reception a our Canoe Museum....pretty cool, eh?
The owner of the golf course took us around to each hole and we picked three main holes to take some shots. It's a beautiful, beautiful golf course called Baxter Creek. This course has only been open a little over one year. It's funny how life is..turns out the owner and I went to high school together.
The wedding couple are definitely not conventional and were looking to do some really different and funky type shots. I think we have some great ideas and some great locations. I'm looking forward to this my first photography assignment of this type. I've included a couple of course locations that are so beautiful. There will be some out of the ordinary shots taken at the course porta potty and at an old much fun to work with this couple.
I went back to the Golf Course the next day and the owner and myself went to the three holes we picked and I did some practice shots of the location, just so I could be sure of the views and angles. Unfortunately, it was later in the day so couldn't test out the lighting accurately. They are getting married in the late afternoon.

I spent some of the week baking for our Ohio friends that arrive on Sunday for nine days. I have attempted to put some type of touring schedule together. Since our weather has been so unpredictable, we'll have to be a bit flexible with what days we do what. Two things are for sure. My brother and sister-in-law are having us out to their place on Monday (it's a legal holiday in Canada) for a visit and a great BBQ.
We will also take them to the Curve Lake gift and art shop. Our friend loves this place and always finds something she can't live without. We are also going to Toronto to see Jersey Boys and stay with friends we have up there for two days.
We hope to go to Picton and Bloomfield and also out to see the sand dunes and maybe take the ferry permitting. We are also going to take them to a free outdoor concert on Wednesday night in Peterborough. The featured act is Beau Dixon who is a local person and does a lot of the Isley Brothers type!

Tomorrow I'll go to our farmer's market and buy fresh local produce and then pick up the meat and other small bits I need. Tomorrow night we're going to another free outdoor concert and the feature is the 'Canadian Tenors' My cousin, who is a musician and performer was kind enough to get us tickets for the VIP section.

Sadly,on Sunday, before our friends arrive we will go to the visitation at the funeral home for a friend who died yesterday. He was a very, very gentle, sweet, kind man who died suddenly of heart failure. We have lost a few people we know this year and sadly we're at the age where our 'elders' may not be with us much longer. We will enjoy them while they are here. I often wonder why some of the nicest people I've known are no longer here, and yet others who aren't so nice seem to sail through life. Only God knows why.

Well, not too much blogging will take place next week while our friends are here but will try to get my first Etsy shop owner feature out Monday or Tuesday.

Have a great weekend everyone. I sure hope the weather will cooperate. It's been much lower temperatures and a whole lot of rain.....YUK!

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Art2ArtColorado said...

Congrats on the wedding shoot! *it sound like a lot of fun and in such a great location! (talk about a good place to get referrals for future work also)
Wishing you the best of luck and may the weather give you the best of breaks.

My thoughts go out to you also over the loss of your friend.