Monday, July 5, 2010


Well, since I was born in Canada and lived in the USA for eleven years, I feel some connection to both of these holidays. The connection for me, is recalling activities and traditions I tried to give my daughter's in both countries. Although Marlo really only lived the first seven years of her life in Canada, she was born here and as a small child she had such wonderment,enthusiasm and found such pleasure in the little things. On Canada Day, we'd sometimes go to Ontario Place and stay for the concert outdoors, sometimes we'd make paper Canadian flags and stick them up, and then we had a ritual of Marlo having her bath, getting into her PJ's and then we'd light sparklers out in the back yard. She would just shake with excitement! She was so happy when she could be the 'big sister' and show Lindsay how this 'process' worked. She taught Linds that when you twirl them you can make unique light patterns. Lindsay was impressed!

After we moved to the USA and the girls got involved in baton twirling, most of our July 4th's, were spent marching/twirling in two or three parades in the one day. After all was over, the twirling corps (Twin-tonettes) would picnic and the kids would participate in the fairs. They loved doing some of the rides, they loved the fried-dough, the candy floss, and just hanging with other corps members. Many happy times were had with this group. Being part of that corps taught them so much about things they would need later in life.... like, responsibility, scheduling, committment, hard work, team work, respect, sportsmanship, practice makes you better and 'family'. It served both of them very well. Each of my girls honed these skills and built on them and I am SO proud.

Both Marlo and Lindsay are now Moms themselves and will develop their own traditions with their children. I often wonder what Mason and Maggie will recall as their special family holiday traditions. Many of the 'little things' we did that didn't cost much are the things that stand out as special for my girls. I'm sure the same will hold true for their kids....I hope so!

As I recall so many things we did together, I smile.

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