Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I think it's one of those chicken-egg things. I'm not sure which caused which, but I'm definitely in a funk today. The heat here is absolutely brutal and I'm now in my third week of this steady cough. I was told Friday, that I very likely have pertussis and that can run as long as 6 - 10 weeks.
Being the impatient and active person I usually am, I'm definitely finding this scenario frustrating.

OK, now that I've had my mini pity party, I must get on with things. Next week is the first of the juried art shows I've entered and have a few last minute things to get done for the show. Apparently, this is a really well attended show and since it's my first time I really want to make sure I've done my best.

I'm now in the process of drafting a couple of different cover letters to go along with the rack cards I had printed. I'm aiming for the interior designers/homestagers as one part of the marketing equation and then want a different letter to send out to corporate people.

Since I'm also planning on offering a rental option, I need to draft a legal rental agreement for those who may just want to rent my framed photography for a set period of time...... lots to do!

I'm also at a point where I really need help with 'connecting the dots' so to speak and start linking all my sites together in order to leverage to the fullest my web exposure. I spoke to someone at the Chamber yesterday and she's offered to help me. We just need to find a mutally agreeable time to spend getting it done.

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At the best of times, figuring out the business and the marketing of your art is tough. Now on top of that, add a very oppressive heat wave and feeling punk and what you get is .... "why don't I have the energy I usually have?" Easy answer so kick back, and just wait everything out. This too shall pass.

Hey, thanks for making the "girls" of Priscilla Mae your shop of the week feature. All of us girls say Thank You!!!