Friday, July 23, 2010

KIND OF A HEINZ 57 WEEK.........

Well, I'm still battling this pertussis(whooping cough)and all that that includes. I'm still taking medications, puffers and will for a few more days. Although, I am feeling better and breathing better, I'm in no way over this situation.
They tell me it just takes time and patience. It's the latter, I have trouble with at the moment.

Monday, I picked up my art from the weekend long Art Show. Unfortunately, I did not sell anything and really had counted on at least one sale. Oh well, the curator told me there were some wonderful comments made about my work. For now, I'll take that encouragement.

Since the weather was so humid all week, I spent most of the week indoors. It allowed me to deal with some household stuff. I cleaned and edited our cold room, my kitchen cupboards, by fridges and my freezers. I always hate doing that type of stuff, and yet, there is a real sense of accomplishment when completed. Oh yeah, I went crazy baking and freezing pumpkin breads, banana breads, etc.

I've been studying a book written by a local woman regarding the process of leveraging yourself over the internet. She is great at using everyday language and I'm trying to implement some of her ideas. I think highly of this woman and hope to get her out here to get some hands-on help with all of it. I can't afford to pay her, but I'm hoping I can entice her with a good meal and maybe barter for a framed piece of my work.

I've struggled all week trying to word and design a letter and contract for the interior design and home stagers in the area. As I move forward, I feel there is real potential in working with these businesses. I really want to get it right, though!

My heart is telling me to persist and follow my dream. Although I go through some self doubt, and have some anxious moments, the feeling of ultimate success is so strong, I refuse to let the weak moments dictate my future.

It's been one of those weeks where I just seem to be going through the motions and am definitely in kind of a funk. I'll snap out of it. Sometimes, I think it's because I spend too much time thinking and then begin to regret. Sometimes, things just don't seem to be going well and I begin to over analyze the reasons. Sometimes, I just don't have the answers.

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It's been one of those kinds of weeks and I think it's the darn weather. But it must be a time when we are all thinking about what we want our life and art to be like now. In my latest post, I was sent a wonderful article about 2 nuns that runaway from a convent to choose the kind of life that they too want.
Your photographs are wonderful Marg and I think your idea of working through designers is a good one. And even having someone to inspire how you tweak an online presence is a really great idea as well. You are full of great ideas so that your Heinz 57 week sounds like it has been a good one.