Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Well, tomorrow I will begin to try for the umpteenth time to quit smoking.
I realize there are people out there who sneer at those who smoke and that's their perogative. For me, it's been so much a part of me and it's been the 'crutch' for me. Quite frankly, I'm not sure at this point, what I'll replace it with but I will need to find something.
If it weren't for this stupid 'health' issue that has raised it's ugly head this week, I was not motivated to try at this point. I had actually set a date to try and quit this year, but it's just been moved up.
For me personally, I am usually so stubborn, but have always had a weak spot when it came to quitting smoking. It is and has been, for me, my one true friend. Goodbye, old friend. I hope it's worth it!



This has definitely been the summer from he__! Now you have to quit smoking? I know that it will be better for you from a health standpoint but man .... on top of everything else? I know you can do it but you have to replace one bad habit with another. You could chomp on your nails like I do .... one good thing ... saves on manicures and I figure, it lets people know that i'm not perfect!!??
I'll be thinking of you during this "trying" time and soon we will be able to call you "Smokeless Joe"

Marg Hamilton said...

Girl, I just love you, love you style, love your talent, just love ya! Wish me luck on many fronts, OK!
Your photo should arrive real soon!