Friday, September 26, 2008

SO BUSY!!!!!!!

I haven't posted anything for a few days for many reasons, but I've been SO busy making new plates for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season... Check out my shop over the next few days as I'll post 2-3 new items per day for a while..I'll feature one on my blog tonight(oops, it's morning now!)
I'm trying to deal with a lot of personal stuff as well and believe the issues currently weighing on my mind will take some time to sort out..we'll see.
I'm also really busy trying to help organize a Christmas Tea and Craft Sale my cousins and I are holding on November 8th.
I have my husband's cousin and her husband coming for dinner on Saturday. Omg, I think I actually better do some housecleaning tomorrow. I HATE a dirty house, but I'd much rather keep doing my arts but can't afford a housecleaner and certainly don't get help cleaning from my husband...
Where's that 'genie in a bottle' when you need him.....hmmm!
We have had such gorgeous weather here the past three days and I've barely made it outside other than two days did my walk.....
GREAT NEWS! I sold another plate yesterday off ETsy....woohoo!!!! I absolutely believe this is what I should be doing and I finally have something I can feel passionate about......

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