Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Double birthdays.........

Today is both my husband and my oldest daughter's birthdays...yes, 36 years ago she was my husband's birthday gift. We just talked with her and she had a really nice birthday...lots of special things done for her by her husband and son, her friends and her co-workers...she SO deserves the love and attention!
As for my husband, we had a quiet day and I made a nice dinner and a special date cake that he absolutely loves.
I'm feeling a bit down since I've either delivered or mailed or emailed over 20 resumes and other than one response (negative ) not a single phone call or rejection or anything! Omg, I hope something breaks soon.
I posted on the local posting website to rent out one of our bedrooms. I'm not too hopeful with that either, as we live 20 minutes outside the main city.
I spent a lot of today taking photos of some of my new plates and manipulating them so I can post them on my web store at Etsy. They've had some major technical glitches the past couple of days so I'm hesitant to post them yet.
I have to go to Mississauga tomorrow for the final follow up to my throat surgery and then I'm meeting a friend.
We haven't been friends a long time but feel like I've know her for ages. Both our husbands were having the liver resections for the cancers they had so we had hours and hours to talk and talk...and we did. Sadly, her husband succumbed to the cancer and passed away one year ago this past February. She's had such a rough time trying to take over her husband's company and run it as well as all the emotional stuff she's had to deal with...Gosh, I SO admire her!

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