Monday, September 22, 2008


That's what I have a lot to do......think. I've spent a lot of last night and today talking to a couple of people who've known me for some time. It really helps to get people you know and trust to give you another point of view and suggestions. The bottom line, however, is one makes their own choices and one deals with their personal consequences, be they positive or negative. I have thinking to do, fact finding to do and I need time to process.
I've started walking on a regular basis and that helps as well.
For most of the day, I spent working on plates for a custom order and a couple of Christmas ones.
My youngest daughter called this morning with some really sad news. While in high school she had two very special mentors, who happened to be married to each other and have meant so much to her. The couple had retired down to the east coast and were really enjoying retirement. Yesterday, sadly, the husband died suddenly of a massive heart attack. He was not that old and one of the kindest, most caring men. I, too, had the good fortune of getting to know them fairly well. He helped so many kids while in the school system. This is now two very special men in my daughter's life that are gone. It's certainly at times like this I question where is the fairness of this world?

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