Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Can't wait ....!!!!!

Yeah! ... my youngest daughter and my little grandaughter arrive tomorrow. I haven't seen them since early in March and then won't get to see them again until Christmas. I'm so looking forward to some time together with both. My cousins are throwing a belated baby shower on Sunday and that will be great as well.
I got to talk to my grandson last night, although short, he's starting to get better about talking on the phone. He will be four years old in November...gosh I miss them both.
At times I get so sad that neither of my girls are close and I sure do miss being able to spend more time together. I miss the closeness and the 'girl' time we use to have, but then there's no sense getting too upset as it isn't going to change it. I truly love and admire both my girls and I can't begin to tell the world how proud I am of both. That doesn't mean we always agree but I believe we have a great deal of respect for each other.
Now I get to have the fun of watching how they both handle motherhood and to enjoy and yet speculate as to what's ahead for my grandchildren.
Tomorrow would have been my Mom's birthday and I'll go to the cemetary and put some flowers out and just sit quiet and 'talk' to her for a little while....there's was SO much we still could say to each other, but for now, I say ' I love you' Mom! We also never got to spend very much time together once I became an adult...

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