Saturday, September 6, 2008

Little girl..........charm, character, and just plain cute!

Well, my little grandaughter has been here with my daughter since Thursday and she is just so much fun to watch and interact with..The first few hours she was here, she just wasn't too sure of her Grammie and Papa (it's been six months since she last saw us ) but over the next little while she's warmed up. She's 11 months today and she's at that stage where she is a bit clingy to her 'Mommy'. She has the most adorable smile that just takes you in and you just want to squeeze and kiss her all over. She has to wear glasses, even at this early age, due to severe farsightedness but they look so cute on her and just add to her individual look and character. She eats really well and although teething more at the moment, she handles it pretty well.
My father ( her great- grandfather who's almost 89 years old came today for lunch ) and it was so much fun watching her with my Dad...he absolutely fascinated her. We got some 4 generation pictures which will be so great to have. We took one picture of her little hand on top of my Dad's hand and when developed in black and white should be an amazing picture.
She isn't crawling yet, but by god, she sure is trying and REALLY wants to move..

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