Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Took a day off from.........

I've been busy making my plates (I have 5 custom orders to complete)and I'm also busy starting to make Christmas plates, Thanksgiving plates, and Christmas and Thanksgiving glass blocks. In between, I've been mailing out resumes or delivering resumes in the hopes of finding a job as well.
My cousin called last night and said she and three of my other cousins were going up to another cousin's cottage for the day and did I want to come? Y-E-S!!! I should have kept working at stuff but I needed a break.
My emotions are all over the place at the moment and SO much on my mind so said 'go' and feel guilty later!
I so enjoyed my daughter and grandaughter's visit and had a boo-hoo as I left them behind at the airport. We didn't do much while they were here as I felt my daughter needed some down time so we just enjoyed some conversation and that sweet little girl.
The girls made a decision that we would not be exchanging Christmas gifts this year, nor would we be doing our traditional stocking stuffers. The only purchases will be for the two little ones and even then it will be cut back. Both of the children have enough to do about six kids and don't really need any more, I'll be getting them a few little things, period.
I think the girls decided to institute this to help their Mom and Dad who are having a very difficult time at the moment financially. Part of me is relieved and the other part of me feels so badly. However, we will all be together and will have some quality time together and that really is what counts.
My husband and I also had a discussion tonight about birthdays and we've decided to no longer get for our girl's or their husbands. We will still get for the grandchildren but that will be scaled back as well. I think we'd rather give them some small thing to open and then give the parents a little bit of money to put into a bank account for them and their futures.
It will certainly make things different than past Christmases and birthdays but we will continure to love each other and appreciate the family.

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