Thursday, December 4, 2008


Well, I'm almost finished my custom plate making. I have two done and two to go. I was so upset yesterday. I used a new glue on a custom plate and later that day took a look at it.....darn it all... the fabric had all kind of bubbled and come away from the plate. At that point, there is absolutely nothing to do but start over. It's one of those minor irritations, especially when time is running out to complete projects to a deadline. Finally, tomorrow I have the whole day to work just on plates and getting more photos posted to my 'Maggies Studio' Etsy store.
Once I have that done I can move on to Christmas stuff. I still have a bit of shopping to do, but then I can get the two Christmas trees up and start on the baking. Since we're not exchanging gifts between the adults this year, I'd like to at least have a nice selection of baked goods available. I also like to make up little plates to give to my neighbours. I've done that every year since we moved here and they so appreciate it.
I have managed to buy a few really cute little things on Etsy for my grandaughter, but haven't found just the right little things for my grandson. I will do some searching over the next few days.
After family breakfast this morning, I had to pick up some things my sister-in-law was donating to my nephew's new apartment and then get back home. I had to be at the medical centre to get my first shot of Vitamin B12. I will be on a regimen for the next year to see if this helps the fatigue I've had for over a year. I'm sure hoping this might be the answer.
I then drove back into town to pick up something at my aunt's place, drop off some stuff we wanted to give to Value Village ( like Goodwill ), go to the dollar store to get some bits for my nephew, and then grocery shopping and home.
My nephew and his little daughter arrive on Monday, so we want to have everything set up nicely for him.
SO many family and friends have donated enough items to furnish it completely. We even put a Christmas tree up, put lights on it, and have left Christmas ornaments so he and his daughter can have some fun decorating it together.
I spoke with him last evening and for the first time, he sounds hopeful, excited and just wants to get here. He understands this is just the first step in a very, very long road for him, but it's a start. He really needs a shot at a better life! Let's hope and pray.

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