Saturday, December 13, 2008

Maybe I'll make it after all..........

Christmas has come up SO quickly and I must admit I've had some moments where I thought there is no way I'll ever get everything done. My husband has helped a lot by doing some of the baking and today he set up the two artificial trees and ran the lights on them. Tonight, I got one tree decorated and will do the other tomorrow. We are having my nephew and his daughter here for dinner, but will try to get quite a bit done before then.
I got all the Christmas cards done and mailed........yeah!
I've had to put Etsy to the side in order to get some of these things done. In light of the fact that my Etsy sales have been disappointing to say the least has given me reason to rethink what I'm making. It's obviously something most people don't want so I'll probably concentrate more time on the photography side in the new year.
I also have to get in gear to find work. I'm not going to look at specific employers, rather I've decided to go after free lance event planning. One never knows until one tries. I'm very good at planning functions and my organization skills are very much suited to this type of work. Besides, this is something I can actually get enthusiastic about.
I'm so tired right now I won't make any hasty decisions. I need quiet and calm and some stability before I can evaluate properly.
Next week is really busy too. My husband has two separate tests that require going to the hospital. I, too, have to go in to the hospital for a procedure as well.
You never want life to pass you by too quickly, but I have to admit, I'll be glad to see this year end and really hope for a better 2009.


Audrey said...

You've been tagged. Come to my blog to get the tag.

Marg Hamilton said...

Thanks Audrey,I'll check it out. I'm so busy baking, etc right now I haven't been doing as much on Etsy.