Thursday, December 11, 2008

On the go....all day!

My husband and I started the morning by going to our medical, to get my weekly Vitamin B12 shot, he, to get bloodwork done. We then had to go to the medical centre in town, to fill in papers for an endoscopy I'm having done next week, he, to have MORE bloodwork...there are some new concerns so the process begins to figure out exactly what is going on ... This is difficult for both of us. We think he's finally back to decent health and then some little 'red flags' we wait to figure out what might be happening this time.
We then went and returned some items purchased and then went and picked my nephew and his little daughter up to go to lunch and then go to one of my cousin's homes for an afternoon Open House Tea. This was to honour her grandparents ( my aunt and uncle )on the celebration of their 66th wedding anniversary. This was so great for my nephew and daughter, as they are now getting to know some of their relatives in smaller groups and become familiar. It will help reassure him that he has a LOT of support. After this, we went to another cousins to pick up some used clothing she had that would fit the little one. She is the sweetest little girl...wonderful nature, very adaptable, and really had a great time running around and playing with other little cousins.
We came home, ate and then I started the Christmas newsletter we do every year to put in our Christmas cards. We send out about 170 Christmas cards to people in Canada, people in the US, a friend in England and a friend in Tasmania. It's starting to get so expensive though. You buy the cards, the paper for the newsletter and then the stamps.....OMG...the is almost highway robbery!
Tonight, my eldest daughter sent my grandson's 'school' pictures and I swear this little guy looks like a handsome. GQ...lookout! Here's a is he not just 'drop dead' handsome?
Another busy day tomorrow! The second family breakfast and then I have to go to Mississauga to see one of my doctors there to schedule another throat surgery... The upside is afterward I get to have dinner with a friend of mine. We became friends when both our husbands were going through liver resection surgery at the same time. Sadly, he husband died just eight months later, but we have stayed in contact and become good friends. We can talk to each other about things others don't understand and we both treasure our time together.

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