Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Success.........now have a vehicle..

I can't call it a new car, as it's not...but we did have success and feel we did fairly well with the budget we had....we had to go over a bit, but will not finance any part of it...
We got a 2003 Kia Sedona that looks almost brand new. It only had 88,000 kms. and when we did a CarFax it showed nothing negative. It was a single owner and had no history of any accidents, any fires, or any thefts. The maintenance records showed nothing but your standard oil changes, basic maintenance and vehicle registratons each year. It has most of the higher end features and it drives beautifully. As I stated before, you can only do what you can do, but who knows what's ahead.
We had a lot of family at our weekly family breakfast today. There were 21 of us, but when we have the last one before we break for the holidays, we usually average between 35 and 45. The other family breakfast on Thursday usually only averages about 10 people.
Today, my husband and I celebrate our 41st wedding anniversary. My husband made reservations at a really nice restaurant in town called Saporito's...it was superb!! We hardly eat out at restaurants other than the weekly family breakfast's and we certainly don't eat out at the nicer restaurants....so, this was really special.
I worked on one custom plate order today and ended up really unhappy with it, so will start again...not what I needed when time is running out to get them all done as promised.
Tomorrow, my cousin, her husband and my husband and I will start moving furniture into the apartment we found for my nephew. He arrives on Monday with his little daughter. The whole family has been amazing. We basically have found enough furniture, etc from family members to completely furnish the apartment. This, we hope, is his new start to a new life..
I am disappointed that I haven't sold more on my Etsy site, so will take another look at how much time I spend on the Etsy site versus local at some point in January.

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