Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas sales.............

The only thing I'm looking for are deals on Christmas ornaments, ribbon, etc for the charity tree I do each year for my community for the Festival of Trees. I purchase as much as possible the year before. I've had relatively excellent success. The only dilemma is I must decide the 'theme' etc for my tree so I know what to look for in the way of the ornaments. For 2009, I'm doing a 7ft. white artificial tree in whites, silvers, blacks and crystals. The only problem I've had so far is trying to find a really elegant silver, black or white tree skirt. I really love doing these trees and feel in some small way, I'm helping. This festival goes on for a week with donor trees and volunteer donor decorators, auctions, a grand ball, etc. I just get involved in the decorating of one tree amongst so, so many. I try to attend the family night as that's when most of the little ones come and there's a concert that my cousin and his family perform. The proceeds of the Festival go to purchase some major equipment for our local hospital. Last year, the proceeds were used for special equipment suitable for small children. I'm not sure where the money will go from this 2008 Festival. I just found out that the Festival made over $200,000.00. This will do some good things.
I'm also trying to find a deal on a 7 ft pre-lit tree, but so far no luck. Neither my husband nor myself want to deal with running lights next year....had enough of that! However, I refuse to pay the full price for one.
I have so much to do pertaining to my Etsy sites and I've found out recently about another site for handmade items, etc. called ArtFire. I haven't even had time to check it out.
My Google AdSense is all messed up again and isn't rotating the ads, so once again I need to figure out why not. I'm not getting much activity at all from it, but will continue just the same.
I'm suffering from a pretty severe sore throat today and will try to fight off another cold.
We are suppose to be attending a wedding on New Year's Eve. I haven't even figured out what I'll wear for it, but will definitely not be spending any more money. I so rarely need 'dress up' type clothes anymore.


Mary said...

That sore throat seems to be going around my family too. I hope you feel better. Happy New Year!

Marg Hamilton said...

Thanks, and your family as well. We have to attend a wedding tomorrow night for New Year's Eve, but I honestly would be just as content to sit in my PJ's and do absolutely nothing. Omg!...I really am getting old!