Friday, December 26, 2008

A good about you?

It's been over a week since I've written anything here. My daughters, their husbands, and my grandchildren have been here and although busy and somewhat hectic at times, I really do appreciate the time we get together. We each have our own special and unique lives so when we can take some time to 'catch up' face to face, it's the best gift of all.
We are all different and individual. This is a good thing, even though that means we don't always agree on many levels.
I am proud that we raised two daughters that have chosen special men to be their partners and that they have learned to think for themselves and stand up for their beliefs. At times that's a bit exasperating, but I smile a bit knowing they feel comfortable stating their positions in spite of what myself or their Dad may think or believe.
The grandchildren continue to bring me so much joy. Our grandson can carry on the most wonderful conversations and I feel we have our own special bond. He continues to be so much fun to be with as he's so imaginative, musical, and quite deep at times.
Our little grandaughter is just over one year old and has the most special little smile and is definitely becoming her own little self. I sit back and smile as she has the sweet smile and bubbly personality of my daughter, but also has the stubborn, independent streak my daughter has ALWAYS had...payback!
It's funny(ha,ha) to hear words I used to spout off to my daughter's coming out of their mouths....and they said it would never happen!
I'm really pooped out, but it's been a really special time.... and we didn't even exchange any gifts, other than time...really special Christmas. Hope everyone out there has found some special moments to their Christmas and/or holiday.

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