Wednesday, July 8, 2009

PITY PARTIES.............

That's what I call them when you get sad and feeling sorry for yourself. I just had another one. We all have them.
When my girls were younger and lived at home, if they were having a tough time with a friend or a certain situation, I'd allow them a 'pity party'. After 48 hours, if the situation wasn't resolved I'd tell them to fix what could be fixed and if it couldn't be fixed move on.
I've had my 48 hours and will once again move on. The only part of my situation that can be fixed is me and my reaction to the disappointments. I am working on that!
I'm back to walking because it was set aside when we went away on vacation. I actually now miss the walking when I don't do it. I have also started allowing myself at least one quiet hour all to myself each day to either think, sit quiet, soak in a bubble bath or read. I have come to really appreciate quiet and being alone... and I like it.

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