Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Well, we got back Monday night from five days in Ohio, near Wooster and our friends absolutely went overboard to ensure we had a great time. Every day there was something wonderful to see and do. We went to Berlin, Ohio where the community is predominantly Amish and toured some of the many shops, etc to get snippits of the Amish life. We went to our friends brother's place for a wonderful dinner he cooked and got to go on his pontoon boat to tour the little lake (Meyer's Lake) where we saw beautiful swans. I would love, love to live somewhere like that and have water on my doorstep.
We did some major power shopping and my husband bought two huge pieces of equipment for his woodworking shop. For a while, we were a bit worried that one or more of us might end up on the roof rack going home....but, we packed every square inch of our van and just managed it.
The weather was spectacular the whole time we were there. We'd tour and shop during the days and then swim in their pool and have time in their hot tub at night...what a life!
Our friends cooked amazing meals and went over the top with providing snacks, candy, mixed drinks and just plain good company and we were willing participants. When we arrived we were all given gift bags with various plastic beverage glasses for alcoholic drinks and each had our names painted on them. There were tourist info brochures of all the places we would visit and then sun screen spray, a Christmas tree ornament of their town, jar of local honey, snacks, individual towelette packs and on and on...just wonderful!
We are all exhausted but it's a good thing!
I now have to get ready for a BBQ I'm throwing on Saturday for my nephew who turns 30 on Sunday. I think 30 is the next biggest birthday after 21, so I want him to spend with family along with his little daughter. I hope it's good day on many levels.
Well, I'm tired and will definitely get to bed earlier than usual, for me tonight!!!


Priscilla Mae et al said...

What a nice group of friends you have. And a lovely life.

Marg Hamilton said...

Priscilla Mae et al...thank you. I'm grateful that I don't have the life many have, but it's not perfect by a long shot and I've contributed to much of the good in my life and much of the disappointment as well. All we can do is keep trying.