Saturday, July 25, 2009

SOME R & R ........ I needed that!

Well, I returned Friday after spending three days with some of my 'girl' cousins. We went up north to one cousin's home that happens to be on a lake....beautiful! It's just SO comfortable being with women all close in age and all with a long history together. Although some of us moved away, a strong bond developed when we were younger. We kind of have our own sisterhood. It's amazing when we're together how we spend a lot of time laughing, and talking, talking and more talking. Philosophically we have some differences but truly enjoy our individualism. We spent one entire day just laying on the dock and unfortunately all got burned to varied degrees. We did some crafting together although not a lot. We are hoping to plan something in the future to include all the sisters-in-law as well. I still think a PJ party would be great.

I now have to get serious about some of the many tasks I should get completed...however, I'm not going to stress too much about it. A plus of getting older.....learning to chill out a bit.

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Art2ArtColorado said...

This looks like a heavenly spot... and I have to smile at the comment about being able to take both time and days at the pace we want to as we grow older. There is a huge freedom to that and I think it allows us to see much that others sometimes miss.