Saturday, July 4, 2009


We, in Canada, celebrated Canada Day on July 1st. That is the equivalent of the American July 4th, when there are barbeques, family and friends gathering, picnics at the parks, and yes, fireworks in the evening to cap off the day.
Hopefully, you in America will have great weather and special plans for your celebrations.
For me, I'm busy organizing a birthday celebration for my nephew. This afternoon approximately 25 - 30 family members will join in wishing my nephew a Happy 30th birthday! He is back in school trying to make a better life for he and his little daughter. He's got a lot working for him and a lot working against him, so it will depend on how he can handle both sides of this equation. He was a little over three years old when his mother (my sister) was killed in a head-on collision.
He was way, way up north living in a rather isolated area and with some encouragement from his brother and myself and others, he made the move to our area around Christmas time.
We found him some affordable housing albeit not that fancy, but it's better than what he's had in the past. The daycare situation was sorted out and he began taking upgrades in Math at Sir Sanford Fleming College. He's doing quite well, so far.
He hopes to begin a three year program in specialized computer investigative certification. If he sticks to it and does well, it will provide him an avenue to help both he and his daughter. I can only hope at this point. It's all up to him.
Myself and the rest of his large extended family hope and wish him all the best.

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