Sunday, July 26, 2009


It's a beautiful day here in my little village of Keene! Started the morning by taking a leisurely tour of our gardens and realize how much still needs to be done. We are going to totally re-do our back corner garden as we want to place the arbor my husband is to build in the next week, in the back corner of our triangular garden. We'll then re-plant some of the plants already there and reposition others in different areas of our yard. I can't wait to have that quiet, calm, zen area.

I then spent time manipulating and cropping some of the newer photos I've taken. I want to post some on my site at Fine Art America. It's tricky when I post on Etsy because the size they allow isn't really conducive with the other sites I post my photos on. They require the size to be much smaller. I've managed to screw up a few times and shrink a photo for Etsy before saving the larger size and then it's no good for other sites. Lessons I continue to learn! Aaaahhh!

My sister-in-law then came this afternoon, as I had promised to help her design and complete a scrapbook for her brother who turns sixty. She came up with a wonderful concept of his daughter's asking him about his younger years and his responses. It was well written with a lot of satirical quips with an underlying message of deep love. Her family have planned some games in his honour and will present him with the book. They are having a reunion to also celebrate her Dad's 90th birthday. My sister-in-law was quite pleased with the end product. I just know her brother will be so touched.

Tonight, I hope to do some baking to freeze so I don't need to do anything when our friends from Ohio arrive one week today.

Tomorrow, I'll meet with the couple I'm doing their wedding photography for in August. They are getting married at a golf course so we want to meet there and check out various locations around the course and to check out the lighting at the same time of day they will get married.

Tomorrow is the finale of 'Bachelorette' and I don't plan to miss it. It's some of the 'fluff' I watch. I don't watch too much TV anymore, but I did get sucked in watching this particular show. The bachelorette is actually a Canadian.

The rest of the week we'll see how much I get accomplished. I will do what I can do!

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