Monday, February 8, 2010


My favourite songs for today...
'You don't know me' ... Michael Buble
'Learn to Breathe' .... LaShell Griffin
'Nowhere to run' ...... Martha Reeves

Even with people around, it's amazing how alone one can feel at times. I'm having one of those 'alone' days.
My mind is swirling with so many different thoughts and I believe some things are becoming more clear. I'm praying for some really solid answers and I know they will be forthcoming. What I need is patience and a little more faith.
I did one hour on the treadmill today and tonight's Zumba class was canceled as our instructor is sick.
I'm keeping busy anyway I know how, both artistically and just doing the mundane things required each day. Today, I made almost eight quarts of minestrone soup. I'm trying to be good about stocking up on things that I can have for lunch that are healthy.
I am going to check out some of the Weight Watchers recipes and will check out the book by Jillian Michaels to see what she advises. I started reading her book 'Mastering your Metabolism' when I was down visiting my oldest daughter and then got sidetracked. I really need to read and study her book. I have a feeling, she may hold the key to my metabolism issues.
Right now, I have days where it's really hard to stay focused, but I'm trying!

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