Thursday, February 4, 2010

'DIE TRYING.................JUST MAYBE!'

Yesterday, my personal trainer added five more exercises. Three involved using free weights for my upper torso. Omg! It seemed so easy to do at the time she showed me what to do and how many to do, but by last night I was SO tender. The worst was in between my shoulder blades....yikes!
I won't see her for two weeks now. She has told me to double up now on the first set of exercise machines from 12 repetitions to 24 repetitions. On the new ones, I'm to start with 12 repetitions for the next two weeks.
On alternate days I'll do 45 minutes to one hour on the treadmill at the incline of 3 and speed of 3. If I go much above that speed on these particular treadmills, I'd be running and I won't do the running thing. After that, I try to get in one half hour of gentle aquatic exercise.
This is taking a lot of time out of each day, but for the next year, this will be my life.

Yesterday, I received the most wonderful phone call from an older gentleman who had been at our local Tea Room and saw my framed photography on the walls for sale. We talked for quite some time and he wishes to purchase one of the photos but in a larger size and wondered if that would be possible. Of course, I said yes. But he made my day when he told me he so appreciates photography that touches him. He said he's seen many photographers work and then said I ranked right at the top of his list of amazing photographers. So sweet, and I really, really appreciated him taking time to talk with me. What a great mental boost!

I got up early this morning and met up with one of my cousins and we drove up to Bancroft, Ontario. She was asked to speak at a women's coffee hour and Bible study and then to do a short talk and show some recent video of the Seeds of Hope activities in Haiti. Seeds of Hope has a very large container of medical supplies, clothing, tents, blankets, etc. heading to Haiti within the week they hope. At the moment, their problem is finding a private/corporate jet preferably free to take 8 of them down to be there when the container arrives. There is 5 doctors, my cousin's husband, Tony Jones who was their 'man on the ground' when the earthquake hit. Tony, his wife and little three month old baby managed to get out and are now here in Peterborough. Now that Tony knows his wife and baby are safe he's going back asap.

There are two of my women cousins that live in Bancroft so we all went out for lunch after and had some great conversation and some much needed laughs. All of us have so much going on in our lives at the moment, so we treasure our brief times together.

At this point, I've now sent out over 15 resumes and applications for either full time or part time work..........nothing as yet. So many of these positions I'm extremely qualified to do, so you begin to get a bit paranoid about the age thing.

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