Wednesday, February 10, 2010

HOPE...............can't live without it!

Today's listening.......'It's My Life' ... Bon Jovi
'The Prayer' ..... Celine Dione & Andrea Bocelli
'What a Wonderful World' .. Louis Armstrong

Hope is such a short word, yet has such huge meaning!
Today was a hopeful day for me and each day forward will be even better.
I'm always more hopeful and happier when I get a chance to have in depth conversations with my daughter's. Gosh, they are so smart, so logical, so helpful, so incredible. We definitely don't always agree, however, I am so proud that I must have done something right,because they are women I would be impressed with even if I'd met them in other circumstances. I'm proud of their intelligence, their work ethic, their efforts to be the best 'Moms' they can, and their humanity.
Today was also different for me, in that I was awake at 6 AM (unheard of for me), and was at the Fitness Centre by 7:30 AM. I did the Gentle Aqua Fit and then 45 minutes of treadmill. I discovered my body doesn't like mornings AT ALL! I actually had to go have a nap this afternoon!

Tonight was SO great as I got to see my grandaughter via Skype. It's so amazing how quickly they grow and change. She is one of the happiest little munchkins. I do believe she will give her parents a bit of a challenge as she grows, but for sure, will give them many smiles, giggles, and pleasures as well. I need some more recent photos of her. I'm hoping to get down to see her and my daughter and son-in-law some time in March. I may at that point go on down and visit my oldest daughter and my 'little man'. It' so hard to believe he'll begin school this coming fall....need more time!
My son-in-law's birthday is this Friday, February 12th. It has special significance this year as my country, Canada is hosting the Olympics and Friday is opening day of the games....

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