Sunday, February 14, 2010


I've definitely turned the corner and right now feel really good about myself and my ability to move forward.
My pity party went on much longer than I'd normally allow myself, but it's over.
I'm tired of the drama and the personal soap opera and can honestly say, I'm ready to move on and see what wonderful things are in store for me down the road.
I must admit being a bit ashamed of myself for allowing this whole situation with my husband to almost defeat me. When I really take the time to look around and realize how difficult life is for so many in the world, my personal problems shrink in comparison. Never mind, I am human after all and won't beat myself up too badly for taking longer than usual to do a mind shift.
My happiness or the lack thereof is truly in my control. I choose to be happy. I choose to be strong. I choose to move forward.
While at church this morning, there was a great sense of peace that came over me and I knew I'd be OK.
I'm still working out with great enthusiasm, but my trainer has suggested I take one day a week off. She thinks I might be going at it a little too strong. She and I are also going to take a look at some diet changes as well.
My determination to meet my goal by January 2011 has not wavered. As an additional motivator, I'm not buying anymore clothes until then, unless it's something critical. I'm looking forward to getting a new wardrobe. It will give me an additional reason to go visit my daughter's as well. Why? Because there are such great clothing deals in the USA, if you know where to shop for them. It becomes a great challenge to see what kind of 'deals' one can get. 'Deals' make the shopping experience even more fun!
I spoke to both my daughter's in the past few days again and they make me so proud and so happy. I'm planning on going to see each of them at some point in March.
It will probably be after the Warkworth Maple Syrup Festival, where I have three photography pieces entered for the juried art show....crossing my fingers!
Yesterday, I took my friend, Marg to the local Tea Room in the morning for coffee and tea biscuit with fresh strawberry jam. It was her birthday and we are the same age. She's asked me to help her plan an arts and crafts show for the fall as a fundraiser for her church. Of course, I said yes. She is one of the truly great new friends I've made since moving here. We both enjoy each others' company very much!

Happy Valentines wishes to all the bloggers out there! No celebrations here, but a good day nonetheless.

Tomorrow........yuk...housecleaning which is long overdue!

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