Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well, it's been a little over seven weeks since I started working out to meet my one year goal. I've been going every single day with the exception of two days since January 4th. Guess what? According to the scales here at home, I haven't lost one pound! :(
I meet with my trainer again next week and we will do all the measurements as far as weight, waist measurement, hip measurement, bust measurement, neck measurement, etc. etc. Then, it's the body fat measurement. Let's hope those have improved. I know I still have work to do about eating breakfast and lunch everyday. I'm really not good about eating those two meals. I'm going to try and work out weekly menus this weekend and prepare ahead of time as many things as I can.
I was doing weight training today at the fitness centre and my trainer happened to be there and she is really puzzled why I haven't lost any weight yet. She said I really do have a weird metabolism.
I'm a long way from giving up as there is still ten months to go. It's the end of this year that counts. My trainer and I will have to take a good look at alternate plans to get my body to kick start....should be interesting!
I'm less encouraged about finding a part time or full time job!!! I think I've sent out twenty one resumes so far and not even a phone call for an interview. My girlfriend tells me I should 'dumb down' my resume. I don't know how to do that without telling some lies and I refuse to do that! I've never even considered 'dumbing myself down'.......Hmmmmm! Does it really come down to that type of manipulation? I hope not.
One thing I'm grateful for this week is finally getting my house cleaned from top to bottom. I have always kept my home really clean, but it's a struggle when I have many more things I'd rather do and need to do. Never mind, it's done for now. That's the one thing about never ends.
We had our waitress for our family breakfasts here, along with her boyfriend for dinner last night. She has become a very special person to all the family. She takes really good care of us on Tuesdays and Thursdays when we have our family breakfasts.
I have my photography ready for the show in March and received word today they received my fees for that event....keeping my fingers crossed. First, my work(s) need to be selected for the show. Secondly, I could REALLY use the prize money! Oh well, whatever is to be will be!I had the three prints above custom framed so I hope it pays off!

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