Saturday, February 6, 2010


My favourite songs today.... 'I look to you - Whitney Houston'
'I didn't know my own strength - Whitney Houston
'Big girls don't cry' - Jersey Boys - Frankie Valli

Right now, I'm making sure I meet certain deadlines for submissions or applications for various juried art shows and arts and craft shows I hope to participate in this coming year.
It's kind of weird to be doing all this in February for this year's Christmas season. Didn't we just get finished with Christmas not too long ago?
I'm hoping to get in to more juried photography shows this year both for the exposure and the prize money. I always told my daughters, there's no chance at all if you don't enter and the worst that can be said is 'No' so nothing would have changed from where my position is at the moment....right? Nothing to lose and maybe lots to gain!
I'm still going to the gym every single day! One day is weight training and the alternate day is 45 minutes to one hour on the treadmill and when possible some gentle aquatic exercise. I'm actually surprised how much I'm enjoying this journey. Even though I have a long, long way to go I'm proud that I'm still going and going!
Yesterday, I purchased a balance ball, a mat, some 5 lb. weights to also do a bit at home when I'm so inclined.
I was thinking today while on the treadmill, this would be such a great thing to be doing with my daughters. I miss them and wish the distance between each of us wasn't so great. Life can turn on a dime and it's tough....for me and for them. I really envy my cousin who has all three of her married daughters in town. They do a lot together or one on one with each other....sigh!!
I made taco salad for dinner tonight and then made apple crisp for dessert since it's the weekend and I'm allowed dessert on weekends!
Church tomorrow, then lunch, then workout, then concentrate on getting 3 of my photos framed for a juried show.
I hope I can get on Skype with my little man, Mason tomorrow and my little sweet pea, Maggie tomorrow.

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