Sunday, February 21, 2010


We spent a wonderful afternoon with some special cousins and 'family'. One of my cousins, Pat, decided we needed to connect so we had a gathering of 'family' for a mid afternoon dinner. It was so great to see many and so great to enjoy all the wonderful food laid out. Unfortunately, these family gatherings aren't the best when one is trying to lose weight. Everyone(the women, of course) contribute a pot luck dish and then we all get to feast. There was a delicious ham, sweet and sour meatballs, scalloped potatoes, carrots, green salad, coleslaw,baked beans, pickles, and homemade dinner rolls........Yummmmm! Then we went on to a wonderful array of desserts. There was homemade brownies, homemade chelsea buns, homemade butter tarts, homemade fudge, fresh fruit salad, and then I had made a dessert with whipping cream and chocolate wafer cookies. Certainly enjoyed the food, but definitely blew the restraint resolution. Oh well, it's the first since January. A great afternoon.
Friday I met another cousin at the Starbuck's inside our Chapters bookstore and we talked and talked and talked...great visit!

Friday night I ended up taking my husband to the hospital. He sliced his finger vertically on his middle finger with his band saw. Two hours later and five stitches later we got back home.

I took Friday off for my workouts, but then did Saturday and Sunday. Today was my weight training day. For some reason, found the workout a little more difficult today. Tomorrow evening is my Zumba class. I think there are three more classes before it ends. It certainly is a major cardio workout, but fun!

This evening was special as I got to get on Skype with both my grandson and my grandaughter. They give me such joy and love to see how they are definitely becoming their own individual personalities. I'm going to go visit each of them separately within the next two months....can't wait!

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