Friday, February 26, 2010


Well, on Wednesday my trainer weighed me, measured me and was totally dumbfounded. After 52 days of working out one to two hours,six days a week, along with Zumba dancing on Mondays and Aqua fit on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I haven't lost one single pound, one single inch and not one point off my BMI. She is totally bewildered by this situation. I adjusted my diet two weeks ago and that hasn't helped either. You would think SOMETHING would have changed....not so! She knows I have Grave's disease and hypothyroidism and warned me my process would be slower, however, even she can't believe nothing has happened!!!!! Well, that makes two of us!!!
Never mind, when I started this process I said I'd give it one full year and that's what I plan to do! The trainer has suggested I get my thyroid levels tested and if within the normal range still, we will definitely look at a major diet change. That's really the only other option at this point.....:(
I had my trainer add more weight and repetitions to my weight program and then we added another program using the 'ball' and hand weights so that when I travel I still have a regimen to follow when I have no access to weight machines.
I'm suppose to start my new program tomorrow. We'll see.

I had to drive through a snowstorm today to go to Mississauga to see a doctor. What normally takes about two hours and fifteen minutes, took me four hours this morning. It was a bit better coming back late this afternoon, but by the time I got home I felt a cold and maybe some flu symptoms coming on. Right now, I'm feeling pretty lousy. I'll give it overnight, but if I improve somewhat, I'd still like to go to the fitness centre. I need to judge that tomorrow as I don't want to risk other people getting whatever this is...not a good thing to do!

Good things are happening and I feel positive that will continue. Today, for the first time in a long, long time I sold one of my plates on my Etsy site......yeah!

Next weekend is the juried art show and I choose to be positive and want to believe at least one of my photos will get picked for the show.....that would be my first!

Got to see my little 'Maggie' on Skype tonight....yep, she is her Mother's daughter!

My new girlfriend Marg, called and said she had an extra ticket for the theatre tonight and would I like to join her. Too bad I'm not feeling well.
There was also another benefit for 'Seeds of Hope' tonight and couldn't make that either. Never mind, there will be more opportunities in the future.

Well, I'm going to take some cold medicine and head to bed real soon! Gosh, it's so inconvenient when one is sick!


PRISCILLA MAE et al said...

Your blog is just so real. And every time I read it, I think to myself ...."yeah, I get that." Doing the workout thingy myself and getting similar results. At least you have Little Maggie as your bright spot.

Marg Hamilton said...

Meg, thank you SO much! I truly hope we get a chance to meet in person in the near future.