Thursday, August 7, 2008

Company's coming.........

Started the day at my auto mechanics as I'm smelling burning oil every time I shut the iginition off....well, it turns out that last week when I had the oil changed (somewhere else ) they put in a faulty oil filter. Thank goodness, I thought maybe the seals were going or something even worse...don't need those type of expenses at the moment. Also, in Canada every two years, depending on the year of your car you are required by law to have an emissions test done. If your vehicle doesn't pass then you can't renew your vehicle plates. So, this is an expensive month for my car. They always tie all this required stuff into the month of your birthday. Also, my driver's licence expires this month so have to pay for that as well. Fortunately, that only happens every four years.
Our friends are arriving from Ohio on Sunday so did grocery shopping.
We are having the nurse practitioner ( our angel ) here for lunch tomorrow to say thank you to her. I ordered from another Etsy shop a custom made necklace. The necklace part is three different strands of brown beads and then there is a hand blown glass heart suspended from it in brown tones.Beautiful! This shop is in New Hamshire and she made this especially for me. She has some interesting pieces and if you're curious check out
When our Ohio company leaves on the 18th, I have three orders for plates that need to be done by the end of the month.
I'm going to start making more Christmas stuff as well for my shop and will post there as each piece is completed. Watch! You may find something you like! Omg, I hope so!
I also went around to various retailers today and picked up employment applications. I'll fill them out and drop them back the first week of September. The college kids go back and that's usually the best time to find something. I'm not just going to look at retail though. There are some other options I need to look into.
I so hate that I have to go back to work, but we will not survive if I don't. Oh well, the up side of that is some time away. Even after four years, I'm still not used to having my husband home 24/7. I spent 36 years of our marriage with him away Monday to Friday for his job. I had two separate lives and loved that. This whole retirement thing has been a challenge for me to adapt to but I think I'm getting better at it...I hope!

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