Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I've spent some time the past few days editing and posting some new photos. Although I'm not a professional by any means, I've been getting some wonderful positive responses regarding some of my pictures...I think it's becoming an addiction!
In the midst of my passion for both my photography and my plates, I'm trying to update my resume as I have to go back to work...unfortunately. I'm not sure who will hire a 61 year old, but I'm about to find out.
I hate that I'm in this position but it is what it is. It goes to show that sooner or later past poor choices and decisions come back to haunt you. However, must move forward!
Just noticed something on my site. I must be in Google's bad books. I've had the same ad showing on AdSense for two or three days consistently without it changing. What's up with that?

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Lanyardlady said...

I think your blog is an entertaining mix of business and personal. Be yourself and write for your own enjoyment; your readers will love you for it!