Saturday, August 9, 2008


Spent the morning just taking it easy and sitting in my 'cave' and designing some new drafts for both fall and Christmas plates and fall and Christmas glass blocks.
They look great in my head...let's see how great they look when I make them!
Our Ohio company comes tomorrow..I swear they're moving in. Got a call today with info on all the stuff they're bringing...omg!..we'll be able to feed the army. For sure, we will definitely eat well. We have an English friend that says most Canadians social life revolves around eating...hmmm, I think she's right!
I got a list of new stores and contacts to sell my plates so will start some follow up in a week or so.... I could truly spend most of my time down in my 'cave' creating and making.I'm going to try napkin rings using the stuff they make casts out for it!
Oh yeah!..the strangest thing is going on! Yesterday, I noticed one of my plates is missing. I'm still 'missing' two others that over the past two months have disappeared. I've asked my husband and he says he knows weird is this?

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