Saturday, August 16, 2008


Well, I'm accessing my husband's computer as mine as not been working for about three to four days. I have a computer repair person coming on Tuesday and she thinks it's my video card that's shot.........probably parts and labour about $160.00...necessary evils, I say....and yet the way of the future. I'm amazed at what can be done and the world wide spread and exposure..that's the good part. The bad is the technical breakdowns, the scam artists, the perverts and the potential for misuse seems to grow.
Me, the not so technical person, can't believe how much time I actually spend on the computer and specifically the internet! Since mine has been broken, I feel 'out of touch'....Omg! I'm hooked!
These days it seems as fast as I learn the capacity of the internet, I realize I'm just scratching the surface and have SO much more to learn.
My Etsy store is there but I can't do too much more until I'm back on my own computer and have access to my own files, folders, etc.

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