Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A week of breakdowns..........!!!

Well, I'm currently writing this on my husband's computer...For a week I've had no access to my computer as we thought ( according to my techie ) that my video card died a painful death...today she came and NOT SO....no, no , no ....it's my hard drive...expensive and problematic as I hadn't backed anything up for ages. She is not sure when she replaces it how much she will actually be able to retrieve...YIKES!
I have hundreds and hundreds of photos and family, friend pics that may be lost...not to mention what it will do to my ETsy shop. I feel just sick!
In the past week, my computer, our electric kettle, our alarm clock, one of our phones and our toaster oven all died.
Yesterday, from around 4 pm to midnight we had the closest thing to a hurricane you can imagine for the north. We lost power for over 7 hours, lightning storms like you wouldn't believe, our yard is completely over saturated with rain and there are twigs and leaves and small branches all over the place.
The storm caused my husband's power source on his computer to go and he had to get that replaced this morning.
Our friends from Ohio left yesterday morning so at least they got home safely before all this happened.
My computer techie says it will take at least a week or more to try and retrieve all my stuff, if in fact it can be retrieved....omg, I've learned a valuable lesson! Backup, backup, backup!! I have to get a jump drive today or tomorrow so I can back up. I can't afford an exterior hard drive so next best thing.
I am one of those people that doesn't handle when things don't function as they are suppose to....must work on my patience level with this!
At the moment in my new selections I' featuring some of my husband's work as I can't access my folders to post my own stuff.

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