Friday, November 21, 2008

A bit of a difficult week.......

There have been too many things to list about the week, but the most difficult were my little grandaughter having to go to the hospital the first of the week. This gave her parents a scare and needless to say the whole family was worried. She is OK now, thank God. Then Wednesday night, my husband was driving home from the hockey game and it was snowing badly. A lady going the opposite way lost control and smashed head on into my husband. He too, we hope will be OK. We were at emergency til early am and after CT Scans, various other tests and then stitching up the gashes in his hand we were sent home. Today, I think the aftershock of it all is really kicking in. He is way more sore today, his hand is hurting and he has so many black and blue marks that keep coming. My husband was driving my car, so I had to go to the collision place today to collect all my belongings in the car and to get the plates off. It is a total write off. After seeing the damage to my car, I am so amazed that my husband didn't suffer more's unbelievable. There's at least half of the front end of my car missing. The windshield is totally smashed from my husband's head hitting it even with the air bag deploying...absolutely amazing!
Then Thursday, we had to use my husband's van to do some errands regarding the accident and then we were suppose to pick up a rental car for me that my insurance company provides with the policy. I was driving as my husband was still in too much discomfort. We were heading to get the rental car, when all of sudden his van started making these grinding sounds and a lot of other really ugly sounds. It stopped and I managed to get it restarted and we decided to turn into a plaza just in case. As we got in to the plaza, it completely died. Well, today we found out it's on it's way to 'car heaven' The mechanic said the engine is completely shot and with 300,000 kms. on it that's it....done! So now we don't have either car. So we now are waiting to find out how much we'll get from the insurance company so we can buy a vehicle. With our financial situation, we will have to go down to one vehicle. I don't particularly like car shopping, especially used, but I'm hoping with the car dealers suffering with the economy, we'll hopefully find a decent car for the money.
For all the hassles and worries for both my little grandaughter and my husband, we are still blessed by comparison to so many. So, we'll move on and be grateful for the many other blessings we have in our lives.
I did sell a couple of my photos this week from my new studio so that was a morale booster.
I am still having so much trouble with fatigue and between two different doctors they now think there's a strong possibility I have Celiac was some very expensive blood tests that take over a month to read and get results and they are scheduling me to see a local ENT doctor to schedule an endoscopy. With the medical situation the way it is, they told me it could be two or three months to wait. I said I've been suffering with this brutal fatigue for over a year, so what's a couple more months.
I got so excited today at the grocery store! Don't laugh, but I love rum and eggnog and they had the first of the season in today...yeah! In light of the week, you can bet your 'you know what' that I had one tonight.
My girlfriend and her husband are coming for dinner tomorrow night before they leave on another one of their many trips they take each year. It will be nice to just have a do nothing evening having a nice dinner with friends.


Amy Leger said...

We have never met, but I wanted to say I feel for you and your situation. Your blog came up under my "google alerts" for celiac disease. If you ever have any questions, please check out my blog I really enjoy educating and helping people out with this disease.
Good luck!

Marg Hamilton said...

Thanks Amy, I really appreciate your offer. At this point, they've told me to keep eating what I do at the moment...until I have the endoscopy. It's been explained that I could mess up the tests and the biopsies if I do anything different until it's a wait and see game at the moment...again, thank you!