Thursday, November 13, 2008

Weird, wet day........

Had to get up earlier than usual as I'd made an appointment with our auto mechanic to get a 4 tire wheel alignment since I replaced two tires,had all rotated and was way overdue for an oil change. Got there at 8:20 to be told they couldn't do it after all in the had to change to tomorrow...not that I want to spend the money.
I had to go to the bank, go to pick up some Etsy business cards I had ordered, went to the fabric store to get some pieces for a couple of custom plate orders I have to finish in the next two weeks. I then went to get a prescription filled and afterward went out to see my girlfriend's mother and took her some grapes and a bit of other fruit. She's getting so frustrated. She's 83 years old and has been so active and independent her whole life. This back problem has her really slowed down and she sure doesn't like it. She's a very special me and many others.
I got home around 3 pm and did some household errands and then started to make the Christmas fruitcake that my husband looks forward to each year. He told me once he'd rather have the fruitcake than any present, and he meant it! Personally, I do not like it.
I packed my Operation Christmas Child shoebox and got that ready to drop off. I'm tired but have to wait for the cakes to bake ( 3+ hours ) and then wait for them to cool down so they can be wrapped. I'll be up late for sure.
I had a number of phone calls tonight so didn't get the pictures taken of the new plates and glass blocks I've made, but hope to by tomorrow night.
See what tomorrow brings.. I'm too tired to get too uptight if I don't get everything done.

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