Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to my 'little man'

Today, is my grandson's birthday. He is officially 4 years old.
It was going to be a busy day for us, as I had to go in to the local State Farm Insurance Co. to turn over the ownership of my wrecked vehicle and to take all the repair receipts from the past year. The claims person said they might be able to give me more money if I'd spent it on aftermarket parts in the last year. I got the settlement quote and it's a little bit lower than I expected but the insurance company has been terrific through this process so far.
My husband had to have some medical tests done today as well.
I asked my daughter to call us on our cell phone after she picked up our grandson from daycare so I could sing 'Happy Birthday' to him. She did and I did. He was so cute! I sang 'Happy Birthday' and he laughed and thought that was pretty neat.
Later in the evening, they called again to say he'd opened his birthday present from his 'Grammie and Papa' and it was one of those 'Imaginex' dinosaurs. He told me on the phone that it was a 'way cool' dinosaur. He then proceeded to turn it on and wanted me to listen to it roar and growl. My daughter said it was the biggest hit in the gift department...yeah! I love when I get him something he enjoys.
We then went to the 'Festival of Trees' where I had donated and decorated one of the trees to be sold for a fundraiser for our local hospital. I'll post pictures maybe tomorrow. This year my theme was 'M & M's in honour of our two grandchildren whose names both begin with 'M'. I had been collecting things for a year. I was disappointed with the Mars company as I had called for donations but had no luck. Some of the trees were absolutely magnificent! My tree was 4 ft. high but some were 10 ft. high.....spectacular and so, so creative....a fun night. This festival goes on all week with different activities, galas, house tours, auctions etc. Tonight was family night and my cousin and his family were the opening entertainment. They are a very talented family and very well known in this town. My cousin is an entertainer as his full time work and he also earns money writing jingles for commercials, guy and really, really funny!

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