Sunday, November 2, 2008

Need a quiet day...........

My nephew and his girlfriend just left after we fed them a big breakfast and I must admit I'm tired. We held an Open House yesterday for all the relatives that wanted to meet with him and tell him they were glad he's home safe and sound from Afghanistan.....a really nice afternoon. Last night we took them to a Junior A hockey game and then got back here and talked and talked. I hope he's going to be OK and I hope the army keeps their promise to let him now go to school on their tab and then we'll see where his life goes...he's sure worked hard and put up with a lot to get to this point...wish him well.
Finished all my glass blocks for the sale and will try to do a few more plates this week. I have all the little last minute stuff to get done for this sale....I hope for everyone's sake it's a success.
Today, I'm going to go in to town for a short while and then back home and basically chill out. We had enough food left over from yesterday that I will not be cooking tonight.
I hope to start posting my photography on my new store site on Etsy...I'm late getting stuff in the shop but it is what it is!

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