Sunday, November 30, 2008

Car shopping.............yuk!

Well, tomorrow we get up early and will head to Toronto to try and find a new vehicle. We looked everywhere in Peterborough........nothing! Well, when I say nothing, I mean not what we're looking for in a vehicle.
Our budget dictates that we can only spend what the insurance company gave me for my car. Since we will be down to one vehicle now, we've decided that the most practical car is a minivan. It can be any older than a 2004 and can't have any more than 100,000 kms. on it.
I HATE car shopping when it's going to be a used vehicle. In spite all the care you take, you still never know for sure what problems may lie ahead.
I'm really disappointed that I will no longer have my own car. I know that sounds so stupid, but, the feeling of independence it gives one is wonderful...however, as I've said in the past, my new mantra is "It is what it is"
Gosh, I sure hope we have good luck! The weather forecast is calling for a major snow storm tomorrow, so it could be a fun ride up and a fun ride home....either way, it's going to be a long day.


Sun2Create said...

Oh, this is something I hate to do. I wish you could just order online! LOL>

Marg Hamilton said...

Hee,hee..........took all day, but finally had some luck and found something fairly decent for the budget we had....good to hear from you.