Monday, November 10, 2008

Sale over...OK...but not great!

Well, exhausted and relieved to have the sale over. Although I didn't do as well as last year I did OK. My husband, who didn't participate last year, did quite well. At least he says he's really pleased.
I learned a lot more about conducting one of these Christmas Sales and will also get feedback from each vendor.
I had many problems with the manager at the venue site and would not go back to that location for sure. I believe we'd change the date to closer to the first week of December. There were over 10 different Christmas Sales going on this weekend and one has been going for 30 years so were up against a lot of competition. Having said all that, everyone tells me each time you hold a sale it's a crap shoot as to the success. Everyone says it's not an exact science by any means and there are so many factors that can lead to a great sale and not so great sale.
We plan to do it again next year, but there will be even more changes. Once I get the feedback from the vendors who attended this year, I can start formulating a new and better plan.
Today, I'm so tired! I did a bit of laundry, finally put away everything taken to the sale, made a nice dinner, made a few phone calls and then spent most of the evening adding photos to my new Etsy shop at ... go see!

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