Saturday, January 3, 2009

Do you believe it?

Since Christmas, I've spent a lot of time 'bargain' shopping for really elegant ornamental pieces to decorate my charity tree for November 2009. The things I purchased are awesome and will look so great. My problem was finding a black tree skirt. Finally, I was a our local fabric store today to see what they had on sale and came across the most beautiful black velvet quilted fabric. I've decided I'm going to make it myself. I'm going to trim the whole edge with maribu. It will be stunning. I found absolutely gorgeous black silk poinsettas that I'll use for the tree topper and have wired in black feather as well. I've decided to prewire all the ornaments and make the tree skirt before I store it all until November.
I got some really great deals on Christmas fabric to use to decoupage my glass plates for Christmas items as well. I only need 1/3 of a metre folded and cut in half for a large plate. Each piece of fabric I bought today will make two plates. Each selection only cost me $1.06 each...great deal!
I had such a fun day with two of my cousins. We went to the fabric stores, went and had a 'snack' at Tim Horton's coffee shop.
As I was leaving these guys, they gave me a gift of a new photo printer. Am I blessed or what? I will find a way to do something special for them, for sure. I think the one cousin, who does beautiful sewing and machine embroidery work, I'll get a fabric store membership card. As much as she sews, I found out she doesn't have a membership. It's only $15.00 per year for a Fabricland membership and that gives you exclusive invites to member sales and anything in the store at regular price, you always get %25 off...more than pays for itself!!!
Haven't had a fun day like that in a while...very enjoyable. These guys are a lot of fun to hang out with and we ALWAYS get some giggles in to our time together.

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