Thursday, January 8, 2009

Google Adsense........such frustration!!!!!!!!

My ads for Google Adsense are driving me crazy...they won't change. I get all this great email from Inside Adsense and it's no help to me as it gets SO technical. I don't know why one can't talk to a REAL person and walk through some of this stuff. I'm so frustrated as this seems to keep happening to me and I don't understand why. My daughter helped me fix it the last time, but even she admitted she didn't have a clue what she did to fix it. I'm not sure why I have it on my blog, as it certainly hasn't earned me anything to this point other than aggravation. They do not design this stuff for the basic person to understand and they SURE ARENT helpful! Have you ever tried to use the 'Help' options...if you weren't nuts before you started, you certainly are on your way afterward!!!!
Can you tell I'm just a tad upset...
Oh well, move on, suck it up and try again later when I'm not so ticked at technology.

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