Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Some new sites................

I learned from a friend today of a free site where one can register their business(s) in Canada. It's called HotFrog. Very unusual name, but I registered my Maggies Studio Photography business so we'll see what happens.
Once I have a name picked out and have a marketing plan put together for the event planning business I want to start, I'll add it to the network site as well.
I must admit that I get a little paranoid sometimes about who has access to what, but all these networking, business directory sites could potentially help me out. So on that basis, I guess I stick my neck out so to speak.
I have now registered with iStock photo and just need the time to pick the photos I'd like to post.
At the moment, I'm feeling pretty lousy so will do it when I feel better.
It seems half the people I've talked to in the new year are plagued with this same brutal sore throat and cold.....yuk!!

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Uneekdolldesigns said...

Hope you are feeling better...and best of luck on your new venture too!