Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A productive day..........

It seems every day lately I'm struggling for some energy and motivation. I just keep working my way through the day(s) and feel good when I get things on my 'To Do' list checked off. This has been one of those days.
My husband and I went to family breakfast this morning and then back home as he had a conference call to take part in.
I got busy making a lot of phone calls. My cousins and I are doing our 3rd Annual Christmas Tea and Gift Sale again this year so had calls to make for venues and prices etc to decide what and when this should and could take place. By mid afternoon, I had that part sorted out and just have to get a deposit to them Do you believe that in January, most venues were already reserved for all of November and a lot full for December as well! Amazing!
I booked to use my photography gift certificate my husband gave me for our wedding anniversary. It's one full hour one on one with a professional photographer and I'm so looking forward to that day! I am a much better 'hands-on" learner so this is great for me. I have a lot of very specific questions I want answered and have been assured they can answer most or all of my queries.
I then went online and booked to take a digital photography course at our local college at night for 7 weeks. They will go into a lot of detail, but again, I look forward to more learning. All of this can't help but improve my photography and I hope my sales at some point. At the very least, I come away more informed.
Next, I sat down to find a graphic designer on Etsy to help me design a business card for my event planning business. I'm going to use "FlashwithClass" who designed my banners and avatars for both my etsy shops....wonderful designer! For the past couple of hours I've been thinking and coming up with possible slogans for the event planning side and can now proceed with the content I want on my business card and then will send it to the designer to do their magic.
Tonight, I hope to photograph the two plates I have ready to post on my 'Maggiemags' shop and then get them posted. I have two other plates in the works which I hope to get on my shop site by the weekend.
SO, all in all a rather productive day! Yeah for me!

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