Monday, January 5, 2009

A new thing to learn...........

As I stated earlier, I was given a brand new HP all-in-one printer, scanner, etc. I wimped out and drove to town and picked up my nephew to uninstall stuff I had on my computer and to install this new one. I am ABSOLUTELY hopeless with this technology and especially if I have to read a ridiculous manual. I am a hands-on learner. Anyway, half the manuals are written in very poor English and make me crazy!
It's now installed and he did it lickety split. Me, it would have taken at least a day or maybe even two. Now, I have to learn to run this new piece of technology. My husband is away all day tomorrow so I'll tackle that part then.
The great thing is I can print all three sizes of photos that I offer on my 'Maggies Studio' Etsy site...yeah! Now will look for good archival photo paper for anything I sell.
My nephew is amazing at this stuff! My rationale? I'll use him to help until he gets sick of me...(chuckle)!
If my daughter's read this, they will probably shake their heads. I really am trying to get more 'with it' when it comes to this stuff but I always feel like I'm about 5 years behind. Just when I think I'm catching up the 'game' changes...not fair!

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