Friday, October 31, 2008

Hallowe'en .........busy, busy

Crazy busy day! Had a lot of phone calls and emails to get out today regarding the cousin Christmas Tea and Gift Sale. Then went to town and met one of my cousins to pick up the hand out flyers for the sale. I then met another friend for lunch at a local 'Tea Room' called 'The Magic Rolling Pin'...absolutely wonderful! The decor, the food, the service and the desserts .....amazing. This girl used to be in charge of the local business development office so has amazing insight, network and just plain smarts. The purpose of the lunch was to pick her brain, so to speak, for both job hunting and for my 'Maggiemags' business. She had some invaluable advice which I intend to put into action once this sale is over. I'm going to completely rewrite my resume and leave off a lot of my past history and turn what I did in the past that applies to the creativity I now have the chance to focus on for the future.
Once I've done the work needed we will get together and then she's offered to help connect me to people that are in the fields I'd like to pursue...mostly event work.
I then went around to some of the local vendors that will be in our sale and gave them a stack of flyers to hand out to people they know. I went to both newspapers to place ads for the Christmas Tea and Gift Sale next Saturday.
I then had to go have bloodwork done for an appointment I have next week.
Afterward, went and did some grocery shopping for my girlfriend's mother who is laid up at the moment and then went to have a visit with her...I just love her to pieces!
Before coming home, I went and did some grocery shopping for an Open House I'm having here tomorrow for my nephew who will be here with his girlfriend. He is the nephew that just got back from his second tour in Afghanistan and thankfully is now safe and sound.
At this point, we've only had seven kids to the door for Hallowe'en candy.... will have lots left over!
I finished all the glass blocks I'm going to make for now and will start on Sunday doing some more holiday plates...from now until Christmas is very, very busy. I am still convinced that sales will pick up on my Etsy 'Maggiemags' WILL happen! It's not 'if' it is 'when'.........

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